There were a few Christmas seasons that I was going through infertility that I had mixed feelings.  Especially when I had to go through all the Christmas Cards.  I loved seeing all the photos of my friends and family and their expanding families but it was also a reminder that our family photo had been a photo of 3 for a few years now, despite all we had gone through.  I wanted to put a big astrix in the photo where our second or third child should have been with an explanation of what we had been through that year on our family building journey.

Those of you going through infertility now can probably relate.  Be gentle with yourself.  It is OK to have mixed feelings.  So when you get the Johnson’s card that announces the birth of their fourth tow-headed angel (you know the Johnson’s that just look at each other and get pregnant) you can either post their picture on your fridge with the other cards as inspiration for what you hope for your family or carelessly leave the card on the table while you carelessly drink coffee and see what happens.  Both are acceptable. : )